“I met Zoe at Bloomberg and it was clear that she offered a fresh perspective on employee wellbeing.  Not only did she have impressive domain expertise, Zoe was able to articulate the challenges faced by the system.  Together, we were able to craft a solution that has merged traditional benefits with leading technology to help employees be healthier, happier and consequently achieve more.  This would not have been possible without the energy, enthusiasm and determination that Zoe showed at every stage. It was a pleasure working with Zoe, and I hold her in the highest regard.”

Dr Umang Patel – Clinical Director – babylon

“Zoe has inspired much of C3’s work on workplace health, including our Workplace Health Movement.  She also developed some of our specific programmes, such as for Serco Health who have continued her programme some 2 years later. Zoe is energetic and passionate about her work and gets results.”

Christine Hancock – Founder and Director – C3 Collaborating for Health

“Zoe Eccleston, is a highly regarded wellbeing expert in my network. Tenacious, meticulous, collaborative and always striving for better. A leader and innovator in strategic corporate wellbeing. It was a pleasure working with Zoe and I recommend her in a heart beat. Zoe brings her passion and clinical expertise together with a high level of corporate and commercial credibility. A true professional and a valued asset to any organisation.”

Dannielle Broadhurst – Global Account Manager – CoPsych

“Zoe’s is one of the most experienced wellbeing managers that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career and she has been an inspiration to myself and the team. Unashamedly, she has incredibly high expectations of her providers. Whilst this has been demanding at times, what we have been able to achieve together has been one of the most successful and rewarding programmes; a real success story and one that we are all very proud. Zoe is a real people person and has a great connection with everyone she comes into contact with. You only have to watch her interact with colleagues around the office to see how many people know her and feel comfortable approaching her unannounced to chat about their wellbeing.”

Leanne Rigby – CEO – Feelgood

Zoe worked as our interim Head of Health and Wellbeing helping to shape our initial strategies and culture. Zoe has great people skills so she fit perfectly into our various teams and was able to influence their decision making. She was also a great presenter helping to engage and inspire our staff around improving wellbeing and most importantly focusing on worklife homelife balance. With an ability to contribute diversely, she was also able to share/bring best practice from other sectors whilst also offering innovative solutions. Her legacy continues!

Dan Platten – Health, Safety, Security & Wellbeing Director – SCS (Skanska Costain Strabag)